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Frieze Carpeting Is Better than ‘70s Shag

Most people who see Frieze (pronounce: free ZAY) carpets, they would often think that they are the better version of shag carpets of the ‘70s – a time when psychedelic colors are fashionable alongside bellbottom jeans, Volkswagen vans and afro hairstyles. For those who are too young to experience the nostalgia, it is worthwhile to know the shag carpet and its resemblance and difference with frieze carpeting.

Frieze carpets are a bit different compared to your parent’s shag carpets. Primarily, the colors have been toned down and the length of the fibers has been shortened. When you clean the shag carpets, you need a rake, while in cleaning a frieze, you just need a vacuum. Frieze carpets nowadays are available in solid earth colors and speckled patterns. This is also a stain resistant carpet.

In the recent years, most home interior designers would use Frieze carpets in the basement instead of Berber carpeting. But today, many are using frieze in living rooms and private quarters. They are also installed in many condo spaces and high-end hotels and restaurants.


Essential Tips in Finding Durable Frieze Carpeting

Frieze carpeting can enhance the look of your home interiors. Even though it shares few similar features to conventional shag carpets, frieze has higher twist rate. This results to a carpet that is durable enough for high foot traffic and hides stains, dirt and other blemishes. Frieze also offers soft touch and could be used in any room. Because of these reasons, this kind of carpet has also become very popular in many homes.

When you are searching around for carpets and you need something durable, there are important factors that you need to consider. The first factor is the twist rate. The higher the twist rate, the higher the durability. This is the rule of thumb. Conventional fabric used in frieze carpets has seven varied twists for every piece of yarn.

Another factor to look in choosing a durable carpet is the type of fabric. You need a frieze made of superior quality nylon, which is one of the most popular fabrics for carpets alongside Berber carpeting and plush carpeting.

Many homeowners take a look at the density of the carpet when they are making their decision. The density level refers to the number of stitches used for every inch to tuft the carpet. While it is ideal to have a carpet with high level of density, getting a carpet that is very dense will only lead to less durability. A carpet with high density might have a harder texture.

Instead of flooring with high density, you might consider a carpet that offers more movement. This is primarily because you need a carpet that can easily act as a focal point against hardwood flooring. Any carpet with too much density might easily wear and looks dull.

When you think you have already found a durable carpet, start to look at the color options. If you will only base your choice on the color options, you may end up with a carpet that will only last for two to three years. Considering durability will make certain that you will get a carpet that can stand up wear and tear especially for those areas with high foot traffic.

Many homeowners and interior designers prefer frieze carpet because of its high level of durability and softness. It is also highly regarded as a stain resistant carpet since it can easily hide dirt, dust and other tracks. Although it is expensive compared to other types of flooring such as vinyl plank flooring, it is a worthwhile investment. Considering these factors when you are shopping around for your next carpet will help you ensure that you will have a more comfortable and cozier home.

Basically, frieze is made from two fabrics – Nylon and PET. The latter is made from recycled plastic bottles, so naturally it is less expensive and entices people who want to use sustainable materials for their homes. Meanwhile, the former is more durable and softer. But regardless of the fabric, people are now developing their affinity with frieze carpets similar to their affinity withplush carpeting.

Since frieze is not created with snuggly weaved fabric, you will notice that it is better to go with shorter fabric instead of longer fibers. In due time, the carpet will have a nicer appeal and will have high level of bouncing rate.

Knowing the basic things about frieze is crucial in buying newflooringfor your home. Frieze comes with a twisted yarn that allows it to preserve a permanent shape through a heat method. The main reason why frieze is very popular among homeowners and interior designers is credited to its high density level, which measures how soft or hard the carpet is. With frieze, the density level is at maximum level. Moreover, the density of the carpet represents how compact the fabric is, the lower the density the less compact it will be. This is crucial for the carpet to provide a softer feel.

If you want a more contemporary style for your home, Frieze carpet can be a good alternative for your next purchase of yourflooring material.

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